How to buy land

How to buy land !

Buying a land can be the most difficult thing to do if you have no idea about what has to be done and what the procedures are. However, when buying a land make sure that you buy it from a reputed store and one that can explain you the minutest details associated with the process of buying.

Here are the details that makes sure to tell you prior to conducting any buying process:

  1. Check if the Property you are buying is Clear and has absolutely no interference of any other individual person or party.
  2. Make sure that the building plans are approved by a competent and a recognized authority. A building that is not approved is not the best option to buy.
  3. In case of a building of more than 15 meters:
  • Make sure that a N.O.C. of Fire Department is issued /applied.
  • Make sure that N.O.C. of Airport Authority is issued / applied. 
  1. Make sure that N.O.C. of pollution control board is obtained / applied (application only where construction is more than 20,000 Sq. Mtr.)
  2. Check if the property you are buying is correct to be given on loan by Banks / Financial institution.
  3. Make sure that you have the Agreement to Sale / Application form is having specific payment schedule.
  4. Agreement to sale is having specific delivery schedule.
  5. Check all the Building Specifications.
  6. Get the complete and verified  address of the promoter
  7. In case of any dispute check the Arbitration clause. makes sure that you get the best and hassle free land and the buying process is made simpler for you with all of these details mentioned above.