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First Stone group

About Builder

First Stone After all, the journey of every inspiring life starts with the first few baby step and perhaps that’s how the world sees the manifestation of every single dream in its totality. Although, still in its infancy, FS Realty has 3 million Sq.Ft under construction with the projects namely

First Stone’s story dwells on the premise of a philosophy about laying a foundation stone. Every towering dream is nothing, but a projection of desires resting on its strong groundwork. A new beginning where life travels that extra mile to find newer destinations of a brighter future is what a foundation stone symbolizes. More than just a signature of a growing life’s journey, First Stone is a testament to beautiful aspirations of mankind. To all good intents and purposes, First Stone is about believing in human dreams and turning it into realty.
The Crest and The Crown located near Jaipur Marriott, The Coronation close to the International Airport, Platinum located behind Clarks Amer on JLN Marg, Pinnacle on Sahakar Marg in the heart of the city and Ursa near International Airport, Tonk Road. In addition to all this 2 million sq.ft. will be added by March 2017 across North India.
Let’s build upon those small desires and create an abode that truly inspires a good life and gives it a stronger base of the entity called First Stone.